Message from Ms.Renu Uberoi, Principal

Dear Parents,

Greetings from the All Saints family!

Since the time I have taken over as Principal of All Saints International School, I have noticed that the school draws its unique strength from the fact that the committed management, faculty and parents work dedicatedly together to fulfil the noblest purpose of education i.e to enlighten young minds with the flame of knowledge, and at the same time, infuse them with a respect and love for learning. Our dear students are showing fine promise of becoming globally integrated and responsive citizens who are being empowered with the skills for the next century in our school. Yet, they remain, well-endowed and grounded with their school's intuitive ethos and fine ethics as they prepare to affect and impact the society and community they reach out to as adults at a future date.

I am committed to supporting the cardinal principles of education i.e. Literacy, School Development, Students' Academic Graph, Community Partnerships, Health and Wellness and Enrichment of the faculty. In academics, I will be taking our School's Experiential Learning Programme to the next level, and ensuring that the students' comprehension of facts and content is fuelled and engined through observations, self-discovery, experiments and analytical skills.

I wish to prepare our students to participate and excel in external and international competitions. At the same time, I will be ensuring that ourstudents take an active part in inter-school sports competitions at zonal andstate level, thereby securing their holistic development. Empowering students by giving them many more opportunities to lead and be a role model through the Student's Council and other forums as well as empowering faculty are also the important areas in which I will be concentrating.

You have been our constant support in every venture and endeavour. I look forward to enjoying closer ties with you and working together to take our school to fresh heights of glory and success.

Ms. Renu Uberoi


Infrastructure / Security


Under the loving guidance of the Chairman of All Saints International School, Mr. Rajeev Khanna the school showers the pastoral care on the students/teachers and other staff members in the All Saints family in terms of their Emotional Well Being, Physical Safety and Spiritual Mentoring.

We at All Saints International School firmly believe in providing a safe and healthy environment since the optimum development of a child takes place only in a secure and fearless environment; an atmosphere where "the mind is without fear... and head is held high."

The school has undertaken the following information, pertaining to safety:-

  1. Feedback
  2. Shepherding through the pastoral care
  3. Emotional health and Well Being
  4. Safety and Security of the Campus and Classrooms
  5. Safe Transport Policy
  6. Safety Measures
  7. Safety Measures during Dispersal
  8. Safety Measures for Walker Children
  9. Hygiene Policy
  10. Induction Process/ Mentor mentee programme for new joinees/ Punctuality / Discipline/ Awareness and sensitization
  11. All Saints Safety Policy
  12. Cyber Safety
  13. Safe Infrastructure
  14. Disaster Management Cell

The school focuses on the minutest precautions pertaining to safety, and hygiene to provide a safe, conducive, healthy and harmonious environment to the school children.

General Safety Measures

  • A reputed security agency has been hired by the school for managing the security of the school premises as well as for ensuring the safety of the students and the staff.
  • The front gate and all other entry/exit points to the school are manned by a security guard.
  • The school conducts full-fledged classes of IV employees. ID Cards are issued to all the personnel of the security agency who are employed as guards in the school.
  • Lady guards on duty outside the washrooms
  • Special care has been taken to put swing doors which are not shuttered from the ground in the washroom which allow lady guards, maids and teachers/headmistress on rounds to check that there is only one child at a time in one washroom cubicle
  • There are teachers appointed as floor incharges responsible for safety and discipline of each floor.
  • Furthermore, there are teachers who are on break-time duty to look after the hygiene, safety and discipline during recess time.
  • Teachers are always on duty near the school gate and all entrances in the morning and afternoon to ensure the safe arrival and departure of the walker as well as transport students.
  • Random checks of the school bags to check if the student is carrying unwanted and undesirable objects.
  • All electrical fixtures, points and gadgets are switched off at 4.00 p.m daily; there is a check of the same by the concerned head.
  • All visitors to the school are required to enter their names, addresses and contact numbers in a register kept at the front gate.
  • No student of the school is allowed to leave the premises during school hours unless accompanied by a guardian, who has to carry an out pass signed by the Principal and show it to the guard on duty at the front gate.
  • An emergency announcement system has been set up in the school for immediate information and action in case of any emergency or contingency.
  • A 24X7 surveillance system along with a wireless system has been installed at key locations to keep a vigilant and check on the premises.